YPFP Brussels: Investing in our Volunteers

Posted on November 26, 2012

Volunteer staff at YPFP Brussels took part in an all day public speaking and moderation training workshop on Saturday 24 November.

The interactive workshop led by Andrew Manasseh from Pinnacle PR was funded by the United States Mission to the European Union and focused on improving key messaging and presenting skills, as well as managing debate moderation.

“It was an excellent workshop and I really feel like I learnt a lot,” said Alex Godson, Director of Marketing and Communications, YPFP Brussels, who live tweeted notes from the event.  


Body language and style

Participants were each videoed delivering a brief speech before the group watched them in a critical analysis session on body language and style.  

In an after-lunch breakout session smaller groups worked together to develop the best moderation pitch for an event, which was later delivered before the whole group and critiqued.

“Volunteering with YPFP means contributing your time to an organization you believe in and building our community. In return you are given a chance to develop event ideas from start to finish,” said David Henry Doyle, Executive Director, YPFP Brussels.

“It’s important that all of our volunteer staff feel supported by the organization because they are its backbone. Without them, YPFP couldn’t function. We are pleased that the US Mission to the EU understand the importance of training young professionals and the value that YPFP brings to this community,” he added.


Building skills of members and staff

The full day’s training is the second in a series of training workshops for staff, with others focusing on management, debating and negotiation skills.

“Building the skills of our staff and members is a key part of YPFP Brussels’ ethos,” explained Godson. “This is why we started the Tools of the Trade series skill workshops in October to provide this service to members. We put a lot of work in as volunteer staff, so it’s exciting and useful to be building our own skills as well as those of our members,” he added.