YPFP Brussels: Interesting times for European defence?

Posted on February 1, 2014

Throughout February, YPFP Brussels and the European Defence Agency want to hear your views on the issues facing Europe’s security and defence sector.  

We are looking for short essays, written in English, that tackle some of the big issues facing the EU. The 10 authors with the best ideas will win exclusive places at the EDA’s High-Level Annual Conference, held in Brussels on 27 March.


That’s not all – the best winning entry will be published in the EDA’s quarterly magazine!

Fostering defence cooperation

The European Defence Agency (EDA) works to foster European defence cooperation, saving money and increasing capabilities, because Europe is stronger together. As an agency of the Council of the European Union, EDA combines ministerial-level political will with technical expertise and input from all stakeholders. EDA is currently working on a host of cooperative projects, from modular field hospitals to cyber-defence to air-to-air refuelling. In every case, the aim is to save money and increase capabilities, in support of Member States.

Despite greenshoots of economic recovery across the continent, much of Europe remains in fiscal difficulties. Many EU member states continue to look at their defence industries, equipment and armed forces in order to find greater efficiencies and new investment opportunities. How can European defence aid this in 2014?

Make your voice heard

The event will be attended by Catherine Ashton, General de Rousiers and Dimitris Avramopoulos to name but a few!

This is your chance to see the European defence debate unfold first hand. With invitation-only places to the conference, you will join 400 high-level speakers and participants, have numerous opportunities to contribute to the discussion, and be able to network with the finest in the security and defence world.

Pen to paper – writing on issues of European defence

Your essay of no more than 500 words should tackle one of the big challenges facing EU defence.

Suggested topics are:

  • How should Europe invest in new defence technologies?
  • Can European militaries share resources without breaching concerns about sovereignty?
  • What military domain (air, land or sea) do you think should be the priority for European defence, and why?
  • European leaders have been promising EU level defence investment for years: why hasn’t this lived up to the rhetoric, and can it?
  • Are future European security challenges best dealt with by armed forces, or do issues such as cyber-security, piracy and terrorism require a new approach?
  • How should European leaders approach the question of EU-NATO cooperation?           

Whether you support EU defence or think it is failing, have a policy recommendation or merely some observations about the state of affairs, write to us and tell us what you think for your chance to attend this high-level conference. Get published, get involved!

How to apply?

To secure your place at this high-level event, and see your work in print, send us an essay of no more than 500 words, written in English, to brussels@ypfp.org.

The deadline is Saturday 1 March, so get writing!