YPFP Brussels: Creation of a new narrative

Posted on December 20, 2012

A group of thirty-five YPFP Brussels members gathered at the United States Mission to the European Union on December 13, for a pre-holidays fire-side chat with His Excellency William E. Kennard.

Ambassador Kennard shared candid remarks on the state of global diplomacy, EU-US relations and multilateral frameworks. He also provided career advice for the group of aspiring foreign policy leaders.


Transatlantic Connection

The discussion between Ambassador Kennard and YPFP members focused on the importance of the transatlantic relationship that binds the United States and European Union together. It was agreed, for example, that the proposed free-trade agreement provides an opportunity for the relationship to take on a new, more integrated dynamic. Moreover, despite, and perhaps because of, insecurities created by the Eurozone crisis, now is the best time for the EU to plan bold policy to mitigate the risks of stagnation or collapse.


Ambassador Series

Ambassador Kennard is the seventh speaker in the YPFP Brussels flagship programme, ‘the Ambassador Series,’ which offers young and aspiring professionals in foreign policy the chance to engage first-hand with experts in the field of International Diplomacy.

Key to this initiative is understanding both the broad brush-strokes of foreign policy design – such as the adjustments over recent years as the world has changed from a bipolar to more multipolar paradigm – and the more nuanced policy details brought about by increased competition in the realm of foreign policy.

As our generation strives to meet the critical global challenges of the future, multilateral frameworks and organisations are becoming more and more important – reflecting the globalised nature of diplomacy today.

Actions are what propel change, and it is for our generation to consider the narrative we want to create as we move into more prominent roles within the foreign policy community.