YPFP Brussels: Advisors Programme Update

Posted on December 4, 2013

“I made sure that he met the partners that he was working with; I had to take him out to lunch a couple of times” – Michelle Obama on mentoring her future husband Barack

Career development is one of the key aims of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.

In order to help our members YPFP Brussels recently launched a pilot Advisors Programme aimed at creating peer relationships for one-on-one career feedback.

The programme has created ten partnerships by matching YPFP members with peer advisors who are further along in their careers.

Paired advisees and advisors met for the first time at the Place de Londres café, to discuss career advice and direction in October.  

Regular meetings to share advice

“I consider myself fortunate to be an advisee under YPFP's  Advisors Programme," says Erik Zolcer, an advisee taking part in the programme. "The advisor I was paired up with is a perfect match. This accomplished individual is exactly where I imagine myself in five years."

Over the course of the last month the advisees and advisors have continued to meet in pairs to discuss career objectives, share advice on CVs, and work on job hunting skills. 

Feedback has been positive with advisees praising the programme as being informative, critical, and in-depth. 

“My advisor has helped me identify immediate next steps to help excel at my current position as well as assisted to formulate an ambitious long term career goal. A truly hands-on experience for anyone seeking to enhance their careers," adds Zolcer.

Expanding the programme

YPFP Brussels hopes to expand its pool of advisors and advisees over the course of 2014, and are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to become either an advisee or peer advisor in the new year.

The programme is currently in a pilot phase with a limited group of participants, but it's rationale stems from YPFP's commitment to foster the next generation of foreign policy professionals.

Value of career advice

Recent studies on career advice programmes in major companies demonstrate the value of career mentoring, not only for advisees but also their advisors:

  • 71% of Fortune 500 companies offer career development programmes to their employees.
  • Advisees were promoted 6 times more often than those not in similar internal programmes.
  • 60% of UK business leaders have sought career advice from a mentor, and of these, 97% said they had benefited from the advice given. 
  • Mentees experience higher career satisfaction, career commitment, career mobility, and positive job attitudes. 
  • Executives who had dedicated advisors during their career are better educated, more likely to follow a career plan, and happier in their jobs and careers.

Getting involved

Want to get involved and either provide advice to a peer or seek advice yourself from a dedicated one-on-one partner?

Email brussels.membership@ypfp.org to find out more information about how to apply for the next round of the YPFP Advisors Programme.