YPFP Brussels: Advisors Launch February 2014

Posted on February 9, 2014

YPFP Brussels will be launching the next round of its Advisors Programme this February and is inviting applications from members who wish to act as career advisors to their peers and from those wishing to receive career guidance.

Under the programme, paired advisees and advisors meet one-on-one to discuss career advice. YPFP also holds exclusive social evenings and skills training workshops for those taking part in the programme to help build the Advisors Programme network.

“As an advisee I became aware of methods to improve and tailor my CV and also techniques to prepare for interviews” says Filipa Saldanha Figueiredo, an advisee taking part in the current programme launched in October 2013.

Unique programme

YPFP Brussels launched its Advisors Programme in October 2013, pairing members in a one-on-one peer relationship to share skills and networks.

The peer programme is unique across the whole YPFP network. The aim is to match professionals who have established a career in Brussels with new entrants to the EU bubble.

 “An external view on my career helped me identify unexpected paths in my future career,” adds Figueiredo.

Just last week, YPFP Brussels held an exclusive CV and career coaching session with Career Counsellor Joisel Van der Kolk. Advisees benefited from personal interview feedback and tips on how to present themselves professionally and succeed in interviews.

Do you want to be an Advisor

Advisors should be able to provide advice, information or an alternative view from their own career experience, or provide inspiration on how to achieve long-term goals. In return they also can build their leadership and career skills.

Olivia ten Horn, YPFP Membership Outreach Officer and advisor to Filipa has seen a direct benefit on her career. “As an advisor I not only enjoyed our time working together, but I’m using this experience to make important decisions about resources and training opportunities where I work,” explains ten Horn.  

“Being committed to your advisee helps you grow in your leadership and mentoring skills,” she adds. “In listening to Filipa and analysing her CV I was able to provide practical solutions to her career development”.

YPFP is looking for members who have been working in Brussels for at least 18 months and are able to offer their expertise to a peer. Advisors will be called upon to meet with their Advisees in person around once or twice per month, and maintain regular contact via email.

Do you want to be an Advisee

YPFP members looking to take the next step in their career or develop their skills are encouraged to apply to the programme and connect with a peer Advisor.

Advisees are encouraged to apply to be matched with an experienced professional in their field.

Being an Advisee means you’ll be able to seek guidance, support and encouragement during the difficult task of navigating early careers, promotions or changing between jobs. Advisees may also benefit from the established network of their Advisor, whom may already have connections in the industry they want to break into.

Send applications to

YPFP members can register as Advisors or Advisees. Sign up to the Advisors Programme by sending us your request for an application form or questions to brussels.membership@ypfp.org.

Deadline for applications for Advisors and Advisees is Friday 28 February 2014.

YPFP Brussels will contact you on the outcome of your application.