First inter-branch staff training session between YPFP London and YPFP Brussels

Posted on April 18, 2014

Volunteer staff from the Brussels and London branches came together recently for the first inter-branch training session in YPFP history.

Three of London’s Directors travelled to Belgium to join the Brussels senior team at an all-day training session on leadership skills led by Elayne Phillips, a top civil servant from the UK Government.

Inter-branch training gave us the opportunity to get to know fellow members of YPFP staff better, to bounce ideas around in a similar but different environment, and it offered an alternative point of view to the leadership workshop,” says Briony Sturgess, Executive Director of YPFP London.

Kaitlin McGovern, Membership Director of YPFP London, agrees that sharing examples of leadership between the two branches was very insightful. 

Being together for the weekend with the Brussels team allowed me to form relationships with their staff, so that in the future we can continue to share tips and adapt what each YPFP branch is already doing to benefit members,” she says.

Bite-sized chunks of advice

Phillips started the day by getting the team to understand their current leadership styles, and then to focus on what a good leader looks like and what they each needed to change in order to improve.

The training helped to focus the way I approach my thinking about leadership challenges,” says Sturgess. “There were some useful and easily memorable little pieces of advice in the training that I’m sure I will be calling to mind in my future work.”


Improving skills

YPFP’s volunteer staff put in hundreds of hours each week to make sure the organization delivers the best events and member socials it can for its members.

YPFP, as a volunteer organization, is all about the people.  Essentially, YPFP can only be as good as the staff behind it,” explains McGovern.  “For me, staff training is important for self development, which then feeds into a better organization.”

Last year the Brussels Board of Directors set up a staff training programme aimed at rewarding staff for their dedication and plugging any skills gaps in the organization.

To date, this programme of training has included sessions on people management skills, public speaking, negotiation, debating and leadership. Later this month Brussels staff will also take part in a project management session.