Building The Future of YPFP

Posted on June 11, 2012

In June 2012, members of the YPFP Brussels Board traveled to Washington DC to meet their YPFP colleagues, and to discuss plans for the organization in Europe.

With the support of the United States Mission to the European Union, four members of the Brussels Board – the Executive Director, Managing Director, Progamming Director and Communications Director – headed to the American capital to discuss their plans for the future of the branch.

Over the course of five days, the team held meetings with the President of YPFP Gary Barnabo, as well as their YPFP department counterparts in addition to supporters in the State Department, to discuss in detail their strategy to build a better, stronger, global YPFP.

“The trip was incredibly useful for us, as building personal relationships through face-to-face contact is crucial to make the organization run as efficiently as possible,” says Bryony Taylor, Managing Director of YPFP BXL.

The team presented the past, present and future progress of YPFP BXL to a meeting of senior staff in YPFP DC, and detailed action points for both sides to take in order to build on the trip and strengthen the relationship between the two branches.

The trip followed the visit of then-President and founder of YPFP Josh Marcuse, and members of YPFP’s Global Operations team to Brussels and London in May 2011.

“We’re very grateful for the continued support of the US Mission to the EU, and their belief in and commitment to YPFP,” adds Taylor. “We’re excited about the growth of the Brussels branch into a strong community, and we have a great year of events planned for 2012-13.”

The trip also included the flagship YPFP Washington DC event, the Affairs of State Ball, one of the organization’s largest fundraisers.