What is the difference between the Ambassadors Program and a YPFP Hub?


The first few events in a new YPFP location are typically organized by the Ambassador. These events are often more intimate and specific. Attendees of these first several events do not need to be Global Members of YPFP. The average amount of time it takes for an Ambassador to put on this first event is three months.

As your comfort hosting events as a new Ambassador grows, YPFP’s Global Operations department may offer you the opportunity to develop your contacts and resources into a YPFP Hub.

A YPFP Hub is defined by the Ambassador’s ability to provide frequent events that contribute to the career development of local members.. Events hosted by a Hub are often more complex and have a significant number of members in attendance. Often times these events will host influential people to speak about important topics in foreign affairs. Developing a Hub also requires the Ambassador to assemble a team of local volunteers who will assist the Hub in providing member benefits. Examples of some YPFP Hubs include Rome, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco