Job Seeking in Foreign Policy: Advice from YPFP JobLink Staff

So you’re seeking a career in Foreign Policy. You’ve probably heard time and time again that you’re on the right path, that you’re doing something meaningful and important with your life, and that you have what it takes to make it. Well, I don’t know you, so I’m not going to promise you any of those things. But I can promise you this: if that’s all you have to go on, you aren’t going to get particularly far in a Foreign Policy career. There are some pretty serious misconceptions I’ve found in discussions with friends, colleagues, students and young people today when it comes to job seeking in Foreign Policy, from DC, Ottawa and London to NYC and Toronto. So let’s talk about those misconceptions, and what is at their root.

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Middle East Discussion Group Considers Gaza’s Future

by Scott Weiner

As the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories rages on, the discussion in Washington has often been highly prejudicial, unfair, and without regard for the most basic human compassion. The mudslinging between supporters of one side or the other merely entrenches a broken status quo. As the next generation of foreign policy leaders, it falls upon us to shift the discourse from bickering to building, polemics to progress.

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