Tools of the Trade: Networking for Fun and Profit

Networking is an activity that often has a bad reputation; many view it as unpleasant, impersonal and forced. But it doesn't have to be that way! Having good networking skills can go a long way in bringing you a step closer to your career goals, help you build lasting relationship with interesting people, and can even be fun. YPFP is delighted to invite you to our next Tools of the Trade Workshop "Networking for Fun and Profit" with our speaker, Nicholas Whyte.

Nicholas Whyte, Senior Director of Global Solutions in APCO’s Brussels office, has more than two decades of experience in international affairs, advocacy and research. A graduate of Cambridge University and PhD holder from Queen’s University Belfast, Mr. Whyte has also worked as Director of the Brussels office of Independent Diplomat, where he served as a key advisor to governments and organisations on foreign policy and strategic alliances. He designed and implemented strategies to lobby European Union institutions, NATO and the Council of Europe. Mr. Whyte also advised Kosovo and South Sudan on their paths to independence, Croatia on its EU membership, and the opposition in Georgia on its international outreach strategy.

Prior to his work at Independent Diplomat, Mr. Whyte directed the International Crisis Group’s Europe Programme, where he led field research, analysis, policy prescription and advocacy activities in Europe. He worked on projects in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, and Moldova, while enhancing the group’s activities in the Balkans. Based on his wealth of experience, Mr. Whyte will be able to give participants an overview on the dos and don'ts of networking and how to better develop this skill. Join us for this exciting workshop on Wednesday, 28 June!

June 28, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Press Club
Rue Froissart 95
Brussels 1000
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