Thought Leadership

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy believes that young people have a unique and valuable perspective on international issues and foreign policy. YPFP' thought leadership platforms are born from the understanding that foreign policy demands new leaders who bring novel ideas, disruptive approaches, and innovative solutions to the world’s critical global challenges. Charged Affairs, the Fellows Program, and other programs are dedicated to fostering young professionals' into global leaders with the knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships to tackle critical global challenges over the course of their careers.

Charged Affairs is YPFP's primary publication, a forum for members to share their perspectives and opinions. Articles meeting our submission guidelines, may be submitted to submissions@ypfp.org.

Fellows Program - an intensive six-month fellowship designed to give future leaders in foreign policy the skills they will need to succeed throughout their careers. YPFP Fellows develop subject matter expertise by writing regular articles and by assisting in the development and implementation of YPFP programs.

Foreign Policy Leader of the Future - “What makes the foreign policy leader of the future?” By asking this, YPFP hopes to both educate the current cadre of foreign policy leaders on how the millennial generation sees the world and where it’s going, and to chart the course for YPFP’s future. Young Professionals in Foreign Policy is proud to present the executive summary of the inaugural Foreign Policy Leader of the Future. The full report, due out in June 2015, outlines the characteristics, the world that shapes, and the innovative tools of tomorrow’s foreign policy leaders.