Spanish Language

Chair: Vacant

The Spanish Language Discussion Group is meant to explore a wide range of topics pertaining to the Americas, as well as make analytical comparisons on how international phenomena develop in other regions. The group will seek to talk about current issues (e.g Peace process in Colombia, implications of the Zika virus in the Americas, what international organizations can do better and how key stakeholders can improve communication flow, cooperation and partnerships in order to tackle common issues, etc.)

Academic & Cultural Events

Occasional talks, topical discussions and workshops in Spanish, as well as cultural event invitations (such as theater plays or concerts) will be facilitated to members. Some informal meetings with experienced speakers on specific areas will also be arranged, providing the opportunity to exchange views and ask questions in Spanish.

Membership Criteria

  • Ability to communicate (both orally and in writing, reading and listening) comfortably in Spanish
  • Some experience or familiarity with the Latin American region
  • Commitment to attend at least two meetings a month
  • Willingness to engage in group discussions with participants of varying levels