Social Entrepreneurship

Discussion Group Chair: Anna Lund

The Social Entrepreneurship Discussion Group is a roundtable meeting of professionals interested in the power of social, and its effects. The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and the social movements that have followed have harnessed social networks to achieve their goals. At the same time, crowdsourcing is transforming how movies, NGOs, capital, and countless other resources are distributed. The connection of human beings around the world is changing our political, cultural, and economic landscape. The aim of this group is to and explore, discuss these trends and its effects on our world.

Topics will touch on: how social networks are changing the economic and political environment, is the increase in human connection beneficial, and the long term implications these changes have on institutions.

Guest speakers will be invited to share their insights and background on how the social world is changing their industries, or focus areas.

Sample Topics:

  • Civil Society in the 21st
  • Micro-Finance: Muhammad Yunus (2006 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient) and Grameen Bank
  • The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street-a 160 character revolution
  • Social and Mobile, connectivity unleased
  • Can Crowdsourcing change our political process?
  • US politics and Social Media
  • “Social Business”, the 21st century industrial revolution
  • Is Crowdsourcing a new business model?
  • Is “Social” the next bubble?
  • What is Social Impact investing, is it sustainable?

Membership Criteria:

  • The Social Entrepreneurship discussion group welcomes members from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds.
  • Non-member guests are welcome to participate if advance notice is given to ensure there is enough space to accommodate them.
  • Potential members need an interest and curiosity in social entrepreneurship, a willingness to listen to other perspectives, and a sense of humor.