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Organization Information

Business Solutions Operations Centers ('BSOCs') exist as 24/7 conduits to meet the commercial, security and operational needs of companies to better interact with local security forces in remote or high-risk environments.

Our commercial clients are increasingly drawn to work in challenging and remote quarters of the world where the rule of law is often lacking or as yet a work in progress. Local security forces in these locales often require full oversight of commercial movements through their area of responsibility in order to provide effective security support to the business community.

BSOCs fuse information from multiple sources including contractors, media and Non-Governmental Organization agents, satellite imagery, historical archives and local security forces, to create a common operating picture that can be made electronically available to all vetted and approved businesses operating in challenging regions.

BSOCs provide subscribers with access to the following critical capabilities:

  • Local Government, police and military liaison including movement request authorisation systems and coordination of commercial movement with local civil authorities;
  • Triggering and/or coordination of local security force and emergency services’ responses to incidents such as road traffic accidents or car-jackings;
  • Asset tracking and In Vehicle Monitoring Systems with our SecureLocate™ tracking technology;
  • Communications Services, including GPS global tracking and SOS emergency response
  • Security and safety information alerting, assessment and analysis reports via our Insight & Information team.
  • Resilient IT backup and secondary monitoring provided by Olive Group’s Global Operations Command and Control Center.

The BSOCs serve as secure lines of communication for the two-way exchange of pertinent incident and threat data between local security forces and commercial users.

The core objective of BSOCs is to establish and sustain collaborative working relationships with local authorities in fluid environments on behalf of our clients. In so doing we are able to reduce their risks to acceptable levels while facilitating their freedom of movement.


BSOC Insight Manager
Business Solutions Operations Centre
Shatt Al Arab Hotel / BaOC
Basra, Iraq

Job Description

The core competency of the BSOC’s Insight department is to support the Insight and Operations departments in monitoring public sources to collect, analyse and disseminate information. BSOC Insight helps clients make timely, well informed decisions to enable business by reducing risks and facilitating business continuity. BSOC Operations supports freedom of movement and emergency liaison for subscribing clients. Both services function in support of the BSOC and its clients’ core business objectives through the provision of intelligence to pursue competitive advantage, demonstrate duty of care, mitigate risk and promote business continuity.

The generation and dissemination of BSOC intelligence products for subscribing clients and internal use, in particular:

  • Analysis of derived information from a range of open and human sources to provide actionable intelligence on risks to commercial operations.
  • Management of the Insight department and maintaining continuity of operations and standards in the rotational absence of the Insight Manager.
  • Coordinating and liaising with BSOC sources including Iraqi Army liaison officers, BSOC Operations personnel, external resources and advisors.
  • Overseeing information gathering by Research Assistants, providing supervision and direction based on identified intelligence requirements.
  • Maintaining close working relationships with BSOC clients, ensuring key requirements are being delivered and responding to requests for information.
  • Proof-reading BSOC Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports. Ensuring that intelligence products are consistently relevant and of a very high standard.
  • Identifying opportunities for developing Insight products. Contributing to strategy meetings and representing BSOC Insight to the Project Director.
  • Daily support to the BSOC Intelligence Manager. Undertaking highquality research upon tasking and writing bespoke reports and briefings.
  • Production and maintenance of geospatial information systems and databases.

Job Qualifications

  • Personal resilience and a mature outlook. Prior experience of a hardship posting or living in a developing country or conflict environment would be an asset.  
  • Established management experience and/or at least 2 years experience in a political risk analysis, security intelligence or other relevant research discipline.
  • A solid grounding in Modern Standard Arabic with the ability to research local media and summarise articles authentically and clearly into English. Fluent spoken Arabic or experience of Iraqi dialect would be an asset.
  • Excellent standards of written presentation and the capability to summarise accurately and succinctly from a range of sources into clearly worded briefs.
  • Proven research abilities and investigative drive with experience in providing written reports to meet specified timeframes.
  • Strong self-motivation and personal organisation, with an enthusiastic and curious disposition and demonstrated interest in local and regional affairs.
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to form close working relationships within a small international team. Preparedness to offer support outside core job description when necessary.
  • Good IT literacy (MS Office / Adobe / Excel / Google Earth).
  • A master’s degree in any relevant security, linguistic or regional affairs topic would be a strong asset.
  • Knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry would be advantageous.

How to Apply
Please send CV and Cover Letter to Mark Ozanne: insight-manager@bsoc.me
Please type “Senior Analyst:” at the beginning of the subject line.
Application Materials include:
CV and Cover Letter