SecDef Discussion Group - Should we fear the "Rocket Man"?

As tensions rise between North Korea and the United States creating an unprecedented volatile environment, YPFP Brussels invites you to its next Discussion Group session. The event will provide members with an opportunity to discuss the growing threat of North Korea and explore the different options on how to deescalate the situation in order to bring all the parties involved back to the negotiating table.

YPFP’s 4th discussion group will explore the following questions:

How can we respond proportionally to the growing threat of North Korea? Should we fear nuclear escalation? Is it even possible to deescalate the tensions between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un?

Would it even be feasible for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons capability in the long-term?

Take the opportunity to join the Security and Defence Discussion Group on Tuesday 10th October to engage, discuss and exchange your views with your peers on how to develop a proportionate response to this escalating and volatile situation.

This event will be the first instalment of 3 Discussion Groups focusing on Nuclear Threat. You want to suggest a topic within that frame for the next discussion? Let us know at brussels.secdef@ypfp.org

October 10, 2017 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Beers Bank
Place Jourdan 34
Brussels 1040
Google map and directions

Will you come?