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YPFP San Francisco is an innovative group of young professionals across non-profit, public, and private sectors who gather to discuss today’s most pressing foreign policy issues. Our goal is to foster the development of future foreign policy leaders by providing members with the knowledge, skills, exposure and relationships necessary to tackle critical global challenges over the course of their careers.

YPFP San Francisco was founded in January 2015 to promote a diverse community of global citizens in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and throughout the west coast. YPFP San Francisco offers a platform to young professionals who have an interest in engaging a wide range of topics that intersect foreign policy, technology, digital communications, internet governance, trade, and regional relations.

YPFP San Francisco welcomes new members and thrives on new ideas. Please reach out to the leadership team at san.francisco@ypfp.org.

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Call for Staff: Join the YPFP - SF leadership team

Are you seeking to become a better leader, hone your interpersonal skills and work in a vibrant community of young professionals interested in foreign affairs? Join the YPFP - SF leadership team.

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