Russian Language

Chair: Vacant

Welcome to the Russian Language Discussion Group! The Group is geared towards upper-intermediate and advanced Russian speakers who seek to maintain and enhance their Russian language skills. The discussions cover a broad arrange of political, social, economic, and cultural issues in Russia and the region and explore Russian media’s perspective on the world events. The Group will also try to delve into various episodes of Russia’s history and see how historical events inform current political decisions and attitudes of Russian leaders and general population. The members are encouraged to suggest other topics that might be of interest to the Group. Discussions will typically be based on articles/TV programs/podcasts and other materials that will be shared with the Group prior to each meeting.

Cultural Events

The Group will participate in Russia-related cultural events in DC (e.g., film screenings and concerts at the Embassy of Russian Federation).

Membership Criteria

  • Demonstrated proficiency speaking and reading in Russian (intermediate / advanced level)
  • Ability to communicate comfortably in Russian
  • Experience living in the region or extensive academic background in the Russian language
  • Ability to discuss sensitive topics and keep an open mind during discussions with participants holding opposing opinions
  • Regular attendance of group meetings and active participation in discussions