Quantitative Research Assistant, American Enterprise Institute


Organization Description

The American Enterprise Institute is a community of scholars and supporters committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity and strengthening free enterprise. AEI pursues these unchanging ideals through independent thinking, open debate, reasoned argument, facts and the highest standards of research and exposition. Without regard for politics or prevailing fashion, we dedicate our work to a more prosperous, safer and more democratic nation and world.

The Open Source Policy Center (OSPC) is a laboratory for predicting the effects of public policy. OSPC makes policy analysis more transparent, trustworthy, and collaborative by harnessing open-source methods to build cutting-edge economic models. OSPC’s first project is building tools to analyze the budgetary and broader economic impact of taxes. These models are completely transparent and freely available to researchers across the country. Additionally, an easy-to-use web application allows students, policymakers, journalists, and informed citizens to interact with the models and learn for themselves about the effects of policies.

Location- Washington, District of Columbia

Job Description

The quantitative research assistant will be dedicated to building computational modeling tools for OSPC. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Use statistical analysis and regression models to build easily-maintained and reconstructable databases;
  • Code economic models based on written descriptions from academic papers and other sources;
  • Improve the functionality of existing models, applying OSPC’s models to support relevant academic and policy research;
  • Write technical documentation for OSPC’s models, and teach others about OSPC’s tools. 

Job Requirements

  • This position requires a quantitative background. The ideal candidate should have a strong interest in economic modelling and working with large datasets, significant programming experience, and the ability to write clear and concise technical documentation. 
  • Candidates should value building tools that benefit the data community and the policy analysis community.
  • This position will work closely with a team, and so candidates should also be empathetic and supportive. 

How to Apply

Qualified candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcript and can apply via this link.

More information about the project can be found at ospc.org

Deadline- n/a