Putting our global mission in to practice

YPFP Brussels volunteers visit counterparts in Washington DC and New York to strengthen transatlantic ties.

From instability in Ukraine, ongoing suffering in Syria and the continued drive for budgetary savings in the global economic slowdown, today’s leaders face a challenging foreign policy environment. However, there are other opportunities for renewed ties, such as the ongoing TTIP negotiations and cooperation on non-traditional security threats such as cyber-security and climate change.

As part of our mission to foster the next generation of foreign policy leaders, this week six YPFP Brussels volunteers are travelling to meet their counterparts in Washington DC and New York, to strengthen the branch’s transatlantic ties and debate the big issues that we will all face in the future

During the trip, funded by YPFP Brussels’ US State Department grant, the volunteers will meet US government officials, prominent pundits and think tank representatives. They will also strategise with the senior YPFP leadership in DC on the future of the Brussels branch. The Brussels team will also meet with counterparts in the New York branch and discuss opportunities for cooperation in 2014 and beyond.

We already work very closely with our counterparts in the United States, and, thanks to this trip, we have the opportunity to work together closer than ever. One of the key elements for me has been the organisation of a joint YPFP DC-Brussels event on the Transatlantic and Investment Partnership (TTIP)” said Heleen Vollers, Deputy Director, Programming

Working together

With two volunteers travelling from each of YPFP Brussels’ three departments (Communications & Marketing, Programming and Membership), the trip will also be an opportunity for the Brussels team to present their plans on how they plan to take the branch forward in the coming months.

Over the past year YPFP Brussels has redoubled its commitment to the global operations of YPFP, and, as a result of this trip, it will be the first branch to organise meetings with all three other branches in 2014.

“We are very proud of our record of cooperation with the other YPFP branches, and take seriously the mission of YPFP to foster the next generation of foreign policy leadership. As a result of our visit, we expect to gain unique insights from US stakeholders on key issues, from TTIP to the situation in Ukraine, and will examine the state of transatlantic relations in 2014,”  said Katrina Murray, Membership Director, who has led on coordinating the visit.

By bringing together today’s foreign policy practitioners with tomorrow’s young leaders, this trip will help YPFP continue to thrive as the largest association in Brussels for young professionals.


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