Project Manager, Leadership Incubator Module


At the onset of 2013, YPFP launched its Leadership Incubator Program, which has become one of our flagship initiatives. Born out of the understanding that foreign policy demands new leaders who bring novel ideas, disruptive approaches, and innovative solutions to the world’s critical global challenges, the YPFP Leadership Incubator is our latest approach to equipping members with the key knowledge and tangible skills to succeed in their careers.

The “Incubator” is comprised of modules. Modules are innovative, immersive, and specialized curriculum-driven programs that last 8 weeks, and are comprised of 20-30 members. YPFP's modules are truly developed by young professionals, for young professionals with the support and guidance of some of the best, brightest and most relevant industry leaders and thinkers. Through collaborative, hands-on activities, YPFP’s modules provide participants with an unrivaled level of exposure to the facets of foreign policy that are integral to the career development and advancement of young professionals.

Modules are rigorous and structured, taking participants deeper into the YPFP experience by providing a unique set of sequenced events, workshops, simulations, and seminars; applied learning experiences; and an environment in which to build longstanding relationships across the foreign policy community and to become the leaders tomorrow’s world requires.

No other organization is providing young professionals with this experience across so many fields, meaning no other organization is preparing tomorrow's leaders today the way YPFP is.


Position Description

The YPFP Programs Center of Activity (COA) designs, leads, and oversees YPFP’s extensive member programming opportunities. YPFP is recognized for holding lectures, roundtables, and intimate gatherings with renowned foreign policy leaders.

The YPFP Programs COA is now recruiting qualified applicants for the Project Manager (PM) position on the 2016 Module focused on “International Trade & Finance."

While the module "topic" has been decided, it will be incumbent upon the Project Manager and YPFP research fellows on the module project team to interpret the topic and develop a curriculum around this topic**. What is it that Young Professionals need to know about the acquisition process in the federal realm? How do we look at the left and right laterals of overseas procurement activities? Have these activities changed in wartime? Should they change? --These are questions that will need to be answered and a trajectory set for the development of a content-rich module applicable to Young Professionals in the foreign policy sphere.

**A comprehensive draft curriculum for this module is already being drafted! The PM will work extensively with the YPFP research fellows to refine and sharpen the content and curriculum progression. Join the team!**


Roles & Responsibilities 

The PM serves as the primary manager of the module team's operations. He or she has the responsibility for guiding, creating, and implementing the project plan to include developing the master project timeline ( to be broken into 2 phases: module planning and module execution), deliverable schedules, and tracking/reporting key project milestones to the VP/MD of Programs and Board of Directors as requested.

Leading the module team (in coordination and communication) with the leadership incubator modules director (Courtney Barno, acting):

  • Managing the module team--assigning/dividing tasks, tracking progress on key milestones and reporting this progress to the VP/MD of the Programs COA against the master project timeline (launch date is 3rd week of July)

  • Coordinating with the VP/MD of Communications and other relevant YPFP Departments and teams to integrate module activities with YPFP-wide strategic goals and develop a sponsorship and marketing plan 

  • Working with the module fellows to align the content of the module with the strategic goals and mission of the YPFP Leadership Incubator program (includes developing vision and realistic/ relevant left and right laterals for the module's curriculum

  • Updating the VP/MD of the Programs COA on the progress of the module development to include any issues or concerns that may arise


Eligibility Requirements

  • Based in Washington, DC

  • Current staff-member at YPFP

  • This position requires a minimum commitment of 3* months "hiatus" or "temporary leave" from a current YPFP staff role

  • Available in near immediate future thru July, 2016

  • Professional (post-grad) experience in international affairs, communications, Project Management, strategic planning, and/or international business is desired 

  • Experience in international business, accounting or trade law a plus

  • Ability to coordinate with YPFP department heads, executive leadership and engage members, potential sponsors, donors, and stakeholders

  • Excellent interpersonal and cross-organizational communication skills

  • Superior project management aptitude and experience 

  • Proven effective personnel-management experience

  • Highly responsive to email and available to attend and plan meetings and events on weeknights

*Potential for extension upon discussion and necessity


Please contact cameo.cheung@ypfp.org with any questions or concerns. To apply, please submit a resume and statement of interest to recruitment@ypfp.org.