Production Manager - The Institute for the Study of War (IAW)


Organization Information

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is a growing, dynamic organization that responds to the changing threat environment and the needs of its consumers. ISW now publishes analysis on Iraq, Syria, the Islamic State, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, and it has nascent collection in other geographic and thematic areas. Excellent publications are the hallmark of ISW’s impact. A wide range of written and graphical product lines are now considered to be signatures of ISW, and the demand for frequent and timely publications has never been greater.

Location -Washington DC

Job Description 

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is seeking a talented, experienced, mission-driven leader and manager to oversee its production of game-changing open-source intelligence products. ISW seeks to build capacity for its bright and growing team by hiring an equally intelligent, motivated, experienced, dedicated and organized Production Manager. The Production Manager is a diligent task manager, a manager of highly talented people, a communicator, and a planner. He or she ensures that the organization’s publications meet the overarching goals and concrete writing requirements - some pre-planned and some dynamically driven - set by the President and the Research Director.

Job Responsibilities

The Production Manager:

  • Ensures that planned analytical products are written, produced, and published on schedule, and that unforeseen urgent products are written, produced and published in a timely fashion without seriously disrupting publication plans;
  • Translates publication requirements into workflows for analysts and staff; organizes, plans, and oversees the execution of analyst daily requirements;
  • Mentors analysts through the challenge of balancing writing with collection, processing, analysis, synthesis, knowledge management, and source management;
  • Maintains a production calendar, planning calendar, and other tools that provide a common operating picture, since most products involve other research leaders as well as members of the staff;
  • Ensures that products fulfilling grant requirements are produced on time; and advises the Research Director and President about how best to balance urgent requirements with long-term planning and resource allocation. 

The Production Manager will be successful if required products are published on time and to standard with a minimum of drama, while helping to develop and retain the outstanding analysts on the ISW team.

The Production Manager is a member of the Research leadership team along with the Research Director and the President. The Production Manager will help build proposals with the Research leadership team to maximize analysts’ professional growth. The Production Manager may pursue independent research and writing in conjunction with his or her leadership and management responsibilities, but the responsibilities of supervising a growing team are significant.

Job Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in a field related to National Security;

  • Experience leading and managing small or large teams;

  • Experience in managing talented people;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills;

  • Experience in operational planning, task management, or production management;
  • Experience in National Security and Intelligence;
  • A passion for ISW’s mission;
  • A work ethic that supports a high-volume production cycle, which currently consists of at least one published product six days a week; an internal product daily on weekdays; and short- and long-form production.

How to Apply

Interested Candidates should submit one PDF that includes a cover letter addressing their interest and qualifications and describing their leadership and management style, a resume or CV, and references for further contact. Email this single PDF to isw@understandingwar.orgThe subject line of emails to this address should read “Applicant Name – Production Manager.” Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.

Deadline - Open until filled.