Partners & Sponsors

Through support of YPFP, sponsors and partners help provide:

  • Knowledge to young professionals through comprehensive, informed, and diverse cross-sector dialogue that delivers new, innovative ideas to the foreign policy discourse
  • Opportunities for rising leaders to build their management skills by engaging in YPFP's global staff leadership opportunities
  • Professional and personal relationships that cut across sectors and will span the career of future foreign policy leaders
  • Exposure to foreign policy experts and other young leaders who will influence their thinking on critical global issues

YPFP would like to thank the following sponsors and partners for enabling the success of the next generation of foreign policy leaders:


The MASY Group is a global provider of high impact National Security, intelligence, and private sector capital management solutions. Alex Anyse is Co-Founder and Partner of The MASY Group, LLC and has been a longstanding supporter of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.