Nuclear Weapons

Chairs: Mitch Armbruster & Harrison Menke

In an increasingly competitive international security environment, the perceived utility of nuclear weapons is becoming more salient. However, the United States has paid relatively little attention to nuclear weapons since the end of the Cold War. This mismatch creates a dangerous gap for U.S. policymakers. This groups seeks to explore those challenges, bringing together individuals interested in nuclear policy and strategy.

Participants have the opportunity to discuss a wide set of contemporary issues ranging from the role of U.S. nuclear forces and arms control to the strategies and doctrines of other nuclear-armed states. Group discussions, guest speakers, and events such as table top exercises allow participants learn more about an under-studied aspect of U.S. security policy.

Sample Topics

  • Arms control and deterrence
  • The role of nuclear weapons in U.S. foreign policy
  • Potential adversary nuclear doctrine and strategy
  • Extended nuclear deterrence
  • Nuclear modernization

Membership Criteria

  • Demonstrated interest in nuclear weapons policy (broadly speaking)
  • Professional or academic experience in U.S. nuclear weapons policy, national security, foreign policy, or related fields
  • Commitment to attend monthly meetings on a regular basis
  • Willingness to stay informed and keep up with current nuclear weapons issues
  • Respect for different viewpoints and a willingness to learn from others