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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 12:00 PM

100 Days of Impact - Foreign Policy

Why do strong foreign relations matter to the United States?
How can we ensure peace, progress, security and justice throughout the international community? Is the United States best served by a proactive, engaged foreign policy, or do its interests dictate a more aloof, isolationist approach? These are a few of the big questions that started Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and questions we will discuss with you in this workshop - as well as handing you the tools to make a difference.

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Whether it's developing yourself as a writer and thinker on foreign policy, growing your leadership and career, or finding spaces and organizations that will help you do so - this workshop will help you on your way. In three quick sessions, you will join YPFP New York's leadership to take a look at: - what a great foreign policy CV looks like; - how to get started on your first foreign policy op-ed; - how to plan a foreign policy event or seminar.

Please bring:
- an up-to-date resumé;
- one or more creative ideas for an op-ed on foreign policy;
- one or more creative ideas for an event or seminar on foreign policy.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 06:30 PM · 15 rsvps
American Jewish Committee in New York, NY

The Geopolitics of Cybersecurity

Curious about the future threats of cybersecurity and geopolitics? As governments become more directly involved in cyberspace, geopolitics and cybersecurity will collide.

Join YPFP and AJC ACCESS NY to learn more about the future political risks in Eastern Europe with Romanian cybersecurity thought leader Petrica Ruta, Principal at Cisco Security Services, and Helen Popp, Second Secretary of Economic Affairs and Cyber Coordinator at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The discussion will be followed by a roundtable discussion on the future threats of cybersecurity. 

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Helen Popp is digital policy and economic counselor at the Estonian Embassy in Washington. In 2013- 2016 Helen served as Cyber Coordinator at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her role was to coordinate cyber policy planning and the coherence of Estonia’s positions internationally, including contributing actively to the design of cyber security policies within international organizations and deepening bilateral cooperation with partner countries. In this role, Helen worked with policy and technical stakeholders, partners from government, international organizations, and academia on a range of cybersecurity issues, including cybersecurity strategy and policy, promoting norms of responsible state behavior and cyber stability, advancing cybersecurity in third countries, promoting multi-stakeholder Internet governance, and advancing Internet freedom. In 2014-2015, Helen was an advisor to Estonian experts in the UN Group of Governmental Experts on Developments in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security (UN GGE).