Emerging Voices: foreign policy perspectives from the NextGen

Emerging Voices serves as a platform for YPFP's New York members, providing an opportunity to contribute foreign policy analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook. We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members and invite you to pitch an article. For submission guidelines click here.

The NY Cal: A Round up of Foreign Policy-Related Events for September 2014

This curated list is a round-up on what days to mark off on your calendar for foreign policy-related events in September.

Most events below require RSVPs or tickets and unless otherwise noted, the events are in the evening. Make a note in particular of the many great YPFP events we have coming up, as well as special events that YPFP members can attend for free!

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Looking to attend YPFP's Affairs of State Gala in Washington, DC?

Are you interested in helping celebrate YPFP's Tenth Anniversary by attending the Annual Affairs of State Gala in Washington, DC?

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Call for Applications - Become a Social Good Summit Fellow in NYC!

YPFP is partnering with the United Nations Foundation on the 2014 Social Good Summit. This year’s Summit, held during UN week, focuses on the power of social media, innovation, and technology to solve our world's greatest issues. YPFP is assembling a select group of Social Good Summit Fellows to cover the event via real-time blogging, tweeting, and on-the ground reporting in four global languages: Russian, Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic.

This is a great opportunity for New York-based individuals.

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The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist and When Girl Meets Oil: A Conversation with Christine Bader

Few would admit to loving big oil because it helped them help the world but Christine Bader, author of The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil, is a vocal representative of that minority conviction. Bader spoke to YPFP NY on July 22, 2014, about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and her own path from non-profit work to BP.


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The NY Cal: A Round up of Foreign Policy-Related Events for August 2014

This curated list is a round-up on what days to mark off on your calendar for foreign policy-related events in August.

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YPFP NY Profiled: Kara L. DeDonato

Formerly the Director of Programming for YPFP NY, Kara DeDonato assumed the role of Executive Director as of November 1,2013. She also serves as attaché and assistant to the ambassador at the Mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the United Nations (UN). Kara sat down with YPFP NY in her office on November 2, 2013, to talk about international relations, wine importing and her vision for the future of YPFP NY.

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UK-U.S. Trade Relations and Foreign Policy Priorities for 2014

YPFP NY held a special Global Diplomacy Series Event on trade relations between the United Kingdom and the United States and the UK's foreign policy priorities, with Mr. Danny LopezBritish Consul General New York and Director General for UK Trade & Investment USA, and Mr. Patrick Davies, OBE, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy Washington. This event was hosted by the British Consulate-General in New York with the support of the British Embassy in Washington, DC.

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The Prospect for Mideast Peace: A Conversation with Rashid Khalidi

Dr. Rashid Khalidi speaks quickly but deliberately, never backtracking on a word or phrase once chosen. This careful manner of speech is perhaps necessary, as Dr. Khalidi is an expert in one of the most contentious contemporary topics: Palestine. Dr. Khalidi, the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University, spoke to YPFP NY members on December 2,2013, in a lecture entitled, “The Prospect for Mideast Peace.” Following the talk, he granted YPFP NY an interview to discuss his most recent two books released and the many misunderstandings surrounding the issue of Israel and Palestine.

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YPFP NY Profiled: Arielle Kandel

YPFP NY brings members together to listen to foreign policy experts and entrepreneurs but some of our member are also creating their own initiatives. Meet Arielle Kandel, founder of the new non-profit New Women New Yorkers (NWNY), an organization dedicated to female immigrants in New York City.

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Op-Ed Writing with the New York Times' Trish Hall

If you are looking to craft an op-ed, Trish Hall, New York Times Op-Ed and Sunday Review editor, says to concentrate on telling stories of your research or your job. This is what will grab the interest of a reader as well. “What you tell your friends about is very telling. If you wouldn’t tell your friends about it, why would you write about it?”

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