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Emerging Voices serves as a platform for YPFP's New York members, providing an opportunity to contribute foreign policy analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook. We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members and invite you to pitch an article. For submission guidelines click here.

Cybersecurity Threats: A Conversation with Franz-Stefan Gady

On November 11, 2013, Mr. Franz-Stefan Gady spoke to a group of YPFP NY members and New York Law School alums at the New York Law School Center for International Law. The discussion at the event, titled “Threats to U.S. Cybersecurity: A Discussion with Franz-Stefan Gady,” addressed current cybersecurity climate and steps the United States could take to improve it. Mr. Gady is a senior fellow at the EastWest Institute and a founding member of the institute’s Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative. A native Austrian he served for several years in the nation’s military before he earned an M.A. in Strategic Studies/International Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. After the lecture, Mr. Gady sat down for a more in-depth interview to discuss issues related to cybersecurity, his career path and what career recommendations he would give to young professionals interested in foreign policy.  

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Private Diplomacy: The Experience of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue

On February 27, 2013, the Australian Consul General in New York, Mr. Phillip H. Scanlan AM, welcomed members of YPFP NY to the Australian Consulate for the second event in YPFP New York’s Global Diplomacy Series, “Private Diplomacy: The Experience of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue.”

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The Intervention Calculation

On April 4, 2013, a room full of foreign policy wonks paged through a current events magazine produced for middle school students. The attendees were not trying to relive any glory days; they were at a documentary film screening sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association, Scholastic and YPFP NY. Scholastic opened the night with an introduction to the aforementioned magazine they produce in conjunction with the Foreign Policy Association.


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