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Emerging Voices serves as a platform for YPFP's New York members, providing an opportunity to contribute foreign policy analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook. We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members and invite you to pitch an article. For submission guidelines click here.

Globalization is the Scapegoat Not the Sin

By Joe Losavio

If the elections of 2016 taught us anything it is that there is widespread agreement on the cause of society’s ills: Globalization. 

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The Blogs of War

By James Lewis

Social media has forever changed the nature of coup d’états. 

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America the Revisionist

By Liza Kane-Hartnett

One year into the Trump presidency and America is in retreat. Through an unparalleled abdication of global leadership, the U.S. is consistently distancing itself from allies and weakening its position in the international community.

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Tackling the Dichotomy of Foreign Policy Vision and Implementation

By Irina Tsukerman

How do we explain that a particular presidential doctrine, articulated during the campaign or at the beginning of the presidency, ends up often being quite far from the initial articulation when implemented? This has been true for presidents across both the political and ideological spectrums, and remains a key factor in U.S. foreign policy under President Trump. The frequent disconnect between a president’s foreign policy framework and its execution can send mixed signals to allies and foes and lead to conflicting policies. There are a number of reasons for this dichotomy between vision and implementation, many of which are complicated by the provocative nature of the Trump administration.

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Uncertainty in Germany Leaves Europe Nervous

By Andy Laub

Angela Merkel’s reelection as German Chancellor in September was heralded a victory against populism and a stabilizer of Europe; however, just three months later, failed coalition talks have left EU partners worried.

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Mugabe Underestimated the Machine He Created

By Bart Connolly

Robert Mugabe once said he would rule Zimbabwe until he was 100 years old and that only God himself could remove him from power.  He was wrong on both accounts. On November 15 the Zimbabwean Defence Forces (ZDF) placed Mugabe and his family on house arrest and on November 21 he was subsequently forced to resign the presidency. 

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NY Relaunches Blog


This month, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) commemorates its 10th anniversary in New York with a special collaborative event, co-hosted by the Swiss Consulate, and in partnership with the Young UN, the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, and foraus. As we reflect on the past decade and celebrate all that we have accomplished, we seize the opportunity to look to the future and seek to chart an even bolder, more ambitious, direction in the years to come. In support of this effort we are pleased to announce the re-launch of the YPFP NY blog, hosted on the YPFP website and Medium channel.

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The NY Cal: Foreign Policy Events for September ‘17

Our curated list of foreign policy-related events for September, featuring (mostly free) events around town. For the latest YPFP events and excursions for members, visit our calendar.

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UNITAR Waives Application Fee for YPFP Members

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) will waive the $30 application fee for YPFP members interested in applying to its course, "International Relations and Global Diplomacy."

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The NY Cal: Foreign Policy Events for May ‘17

Our curated list of foreign policy-related events for May, featuring (mostly free) events around town. For the latest YPFP events and excursions for members, visit our calendar.

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