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The More Politics Change in Zimbabwe, the More They Stay the Same

By Bart Connolly

The July 30 elections had the potential to mark a pivotal change in Zimbabwe’s trajectory. While there were some surprises around the election in Harare, it seems the new Zimbabwe is much like the old.

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Digging Up Diplomacy: The Salwa Canal and the Saudi-Qatar Stalemate

This article was originally posted in Political Insights


With the Saudi led blockade against Qatar entering its second year, the socio-political and economic stalemate looks set to become more complex. Dr. Sophie Olver-Ellis reflects on the effect of the construction of the Salwa Canal on Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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Japan: The Sleeping, Shrinking Dragon

By Matthew Edwin Carpenter

In the face of shifting domestic culture, a shrinking population, and an untested alliance with the United States, Japan is increasingly taking its security into its own hands.

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The US, Europe, and the Erosion of Liberal Democracy

By Colin Wolfgang

In an impromptu press conference held following the NATO summit, President Trump announced that NATO members had agreed to an increase in defense spending, up to 4 percent of GDP. Over the next several hours, NATO aides told reporters that this was false before French President Macron said on the record at a press conference that no such agreement had been made. The discord could not be more stark: this decades-old western alliance was on unstable ground.

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Time Is Running Out For Venezuela

This article was originally posted in Political Insights.

By Claudia A. Gonzalez 

Nicolas Maduro’s re-election as Venezuela’s President brings with it a bleak outlook for the country but with it comes the opportunity for the international community to take action. Claudia A. Gonzalez explains how.

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The United States Is Being Played

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

American power is dissipating. Matthew Edwin Carpenter explains why.

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US Foreign Investment Review Process Needs to Reform, But Not Target China

This article was originally posted in Political Insights.

By Christian Honeywood and John M. Zindar

From hyper-high tariffs to new extreme scrutiny for visa-seeking Chinese, the White House, with growing support in Congress, is taking a sledgehammer to transpacific commerce. Christian Honeywood and John Zindar write that singling out China again in new foreign investment rules will only make things worse.

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The Supremacy of the Strait

By James Lewis

Efforts to mitigate the importance of the world’s most important seaway have floundered, and it continues to be a serious military concern. However, it is unlikely to spark a conflict itself.

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Violence Looms in Burundi Ahead of Constitutional Referendum

This article was originally posted in Political Insights

By Katie Dobosz Kenney

Burundi is bracing itself for a constitutional referendum, announced on May 8, 2018 by the country’s ruling party. Katie Dobosz Kenney examines the lead up to the referendum as the bouts of violence in Burundi continue to increase.

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