The world is a mess and getting worse. It's time for fresh perspectives and new leaders. 

YPFP is building the leaders the world needs. We are an independent international affairs organization that engages, build, and amplifies an international community of young, dynamic, diverse leaders from all sectors to accelerate their impact on critical global challenges. Since our creation in 2004, we have forged a global community of over 20,000 professionals from 80 countries who are passionate about working together to produce innovation solutions. 

Complex global challenges require a community of diverse, globally-minded leaders with fresh perspectives to work together to produce innovative solutions. Young people are eager to drive change, but they lack opportunities to be heard, to become those leaders, and to enact those solutions. We want to change that. 

Globalization and new technologies are forever changing the ways we live, work, and engage. We Cannot meet the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world by disconnecting from reality, trying to turn back the clock, or remaining comfortable in our own echo chambers. Rising leaders must have a deep understanding of the global trends that are shaping the 21st century, adapt quickly to new opportunities and challenges, and be committed to constructive engagement. 

Around the world, a growing movement of young people is channeling our vision for a better world into everyday actions--small and large--that will increase global collaboration and improve our societies. But we are faced with many leaders who are exploiting the disruptive aspects of globalization and new technologies to pass partisan policies and inflame conflict. Our generation must step up to close the global leadership deficit and champion innovative, equitable solutions. The world needs character-driven leaders who know what hey are doing, and who recognize that better outcomes for all of our societies start with civil discourse. 

YPFP is taking steps every day to ensure that new generations develop the knowledge, skills, and networks to be agile and impactful leaders who will drive innovative, collaborative solutions. Our members come from a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and ideological perspectives. We embrace this diversity as critical to our mission, and are united by a desire to confront global challenges through fact-based debate.

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