Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

YPFP engages, builds, and amplifies NextGen voices to advance innovative solutions to global challenges.


It’s time for NextGen leaders to take ownership of global challenges.

YPFP’s members represent the largest generational cohort in history, and our influence is growing in every aspect of society. The time for us to lead on global issues has come.

This desire for influence is not driven by naivety or “millennial entitlement.” History shows that innovation often, if not usually, comes from young visionaries determined to fix the problems left by prior generations. Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize at 17, Nelson Mandela started changing the course of history in his 20s, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib became Afghan Ambassador to the United States at 32, and Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence at 33.

As with past generations, NextGen leaders have come of age during a unique series of world events: the global financial crisis, terrorism, the Internet, and the proliferation of social media. These shared experiences have informed the way NextGen leaders solve problems. Many of the world’s most pressing global issues - climate change, terrorism, global inequality - remain unanswered and it is time for NextGen leaders to bring new perspectives to these issues.    

We are a diverse generation and nonpartisan debate makes us stronger.

As a platform for all NextGen views, YPFP will defend the space for nonpartisan debate that is both authentic and based on empirical evidence. From any position on the political spectrum, YPFP’s NextGen leaders agree on the need for new voices and swift action.

The YPFP community is determined to meet this challenge together by amplifying NextGen solutions. There are many ways for you to support our effort:

Note: YPFP uses the term ‘NextGen’ to describe the diverse range of ages in its community. NextGen is often deemed synonymous with the Millennial generation (born 1982 to 2004), but Xennials (born 1977 to 1981) are also well-represented in our ranks. Many older advisors participate in YPFP events and have become members to support our organization. We exist to maximize the impact of NextGeners, but we welcome anyone who supports our cause to join our community regardless of age.