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This month, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) commemorates its 10th anniversary in New York with a special collaborative event, co-hosted by the Swiss Consulate, and in partnership with the Young UN, the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, and foraus. As we reflect on the past decade and celebrate all that we have accomplished, we seize the opportunity to look to the future and seek to chart an even bolder, more ambitious, direction in the years to come. In support of this effort we are pleased to announce the re-launch of the YPFP NY blog, hosted on the YPFP website and Medium channel.

We believe that it is time for NextGen leaders to take ownership of solving global challenges. We aim to strengthen the voices of these emerging leaders and provide an outlet for young professionals to debate and shape their future. Our blog will serve as a platform to examine critical foreign policy issues and facilitate discussion to advance innovative solutions. Our writers – YPFP NY members across government, business, and civil society – bring fresh perspectives to foreign policy discourse and utilize their diverse expertise to analyze the constantly evolving geo-political landscape. 

YPFP NY re-launches its editorial platforms at a time of great uncertainty in foreign policy. As polarizing discussion and charges of fake news dominate our discourse, well-informed nonpartisan debate is needed more than ever to help rebalance our environment. Our blog builds on YPFP’s reputation as a source of unbiased and knowledgeable foreign policy discussion, and cuts through the day-to-day politics to analyze the most pressing international issues from an objective view. We seek to harness the creativity and diversity of our generation to produce unique content that challenges the status quo. Our analysis is accompanied by interviews, reading and listening recommendations, event recaps, and more resources to inform, build, and amplify our growing foreign policy community.

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Liza Kane-Hartnett, Editor-in-Chief

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