Leadership Modules

At the onset of 2013, YPFP launched its Leadership Incubator Program, which has become one of our flagship initiatives. Born out of the understanding that foreign policy demands new leaders who bring novel ideas, disruptive approaches, and innovative solutions to the world’s critical global challenges, the YPFP Leadership Incubator Program is our latest approach to equipping members with the key knowledge and tangible skills to succeed in their careers.

How do "modules" fit in?

The Leadership Incubator Program is comprised of "modules," each an innovative, immersive and specialized experience crafted around multidisciplinary topics that have broad applicability across the foreign policy community.

Modules are rigorous and structured mini-series, taking participants deeper into the YPFP experience by providing a unique set of sequenced events, workshops, simulations, and seminars guided by a thematic curriculum. Members build longstanding relationships across the foreign policy community and learn the skills they need to become the leaders tomorrow’s world requires.

Each module lasts 6-8 consecutive weeks and is comprised of 25-30 members. Members are selected by application and an additional fee is required.

Previous module topics:

  • Strategic Communications
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Foreign Policy
  • International Conflict Resolution
  • Intelligence Tools
  • Islamic Law and Finance
  • International Conflict Resolution II (Syria)
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Strategic Communications II
  • Cybersecurity
  • Intelligence
  • Sustainable Development

Stay tuned for periodic updates on new modules, when applications open and close, and additional module-related information.

Note: Some modules may be repeated, depending on member interest, new advances in the field, and other factors.