YPFP Executive and Senior Leadership

Harjaap Singh, Vice President of Programs

Harjaap Singh is the Vice President of Programs at YPFP. He oversees development and execution of YPFP's programs and events, including the annual Affairs of State Gala & Fundraiser in Washington, DC.

Harjaap is a problem-solver who is interested in Asia-Pacific geopolitics. He has a background in nonprofits, startups, and government. He previously worked at the United States Department of Agriculture. He aspires to one day study and practice international law with a focus on entertainment and technology.

He earned a BS in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University with a double major in Asian Area Studies and History. He has also studied in China and Japan, and traveled to India, South Africa, and Kosovo. In his free time, Harjaap enjoys music, dancing, fashion, learning to code, immersing in cultures, and jogging.