Want to gain a new perspective on your work? Join YPFP's Advisers Programme!

The YPFP Brussels Advisers Programme is about to embark on its third edition, which will start this October – and is currently recruiting new participants. 

The YPFP Brussels Advisers Programme is about to embark on its third edition, which will start this October – and is currently recruiting new participants. The flagship career development initiative is a one-to-one programme where a motivated young professional who is at the beginning of his/her career (Advisee) is paired up with a dedicated, accomplished individual (Adviser).  

It’s good to have the support and the possibility to discuss career related issues with someone who has been in your shoes before” comments Alex Duncan, who recently completed the programme’s second edition and contributed to the initiative’s quality and success.

Having an adviser is useful, specifically mine was helpful and made job-hunting less daunting,” Alex reveals. “He helped me understand the area I wanted to work in and guided me through the jungle we call the ‘Brussels bubble’." 

Why become an Adviser/Advisee?

"It simply works," says Erik Zolcer a consultant who has been both an advisee and adviser. "A lot of thought goes into pairing up Advisees with the right Adviser. That is the added value of YPFP Brussels’ great programme", says Erik. "Being an Adviser was a rewarding new experience for me. I gained a completely new perspective on my own work and was glad I could share my experiences with others. I feel like I am finally giving back to the YPFP community for having benefited from membership of this extraordinary organisation", he added.

In the framework of the Advisers Programme, exclusive, tailored workshops have been organised for the participants, such as on tips to make your CV stand out, on the European Personnel Selection Office recruitment tests as well as advice on how to best prepare for a job interview. "A testament to the success of the programme for me is that several advisees have recently secured new jobs. We hope their experience in the programme helped push them over the line!", said Noora Löfström, YPFP Brussels Membership Director, who is spearheading the programme.

Volunteering as a YPFP Adviser is a unique experience that allows successful professionals a chance to share their own valuable insights and knowledge with early career professionals and those new to the Brussels job market'. In addition, through meeting up with an advisee – and joining the active roster of Advisers programme workshops - an adviser has an active route to develop their leadership and presentation skills.

How do I apply

We have open spots for both advisees and advisers in the programme, so if you want to apply for either, simply click on the links below and sent your forms and any enquiries to brussels.membership@ypfp.org!

Advisee – Perfect if you are at the start of your career, unsure of how to progress up the career ladder, or just want some advice from someone more experienced in your field

Adviser – Want to develop your presentation and leadership skills? Have some experiences that you want to share, and see someone grow through your support? Why not put your hand up to be an Adviser!

All expressions of interest should reach YPFP Brussels by Friday 26th of September, and completed applications should be returned by noon Sunday 28th of September.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of their employer or Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.

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