Senior Operations Specialist

Job Description

PAE and the U.S. Department of State seeks qualified Senior Operations Specialist to serve on Interdiction Program in Afghanistan. The mission of the Interdiction Program is to assist the government of Afghanistan in developing and strengthening the country’s criminal justice sector as it pertains to narcotics interdiction and eradication, as a means to enable the justice and law enforcement system to deliver fair and effective services to the citizens of Afghanistan.

Job Posting Date:  January 11, 2013

Job Closing Date:  January 25, 2013

Job Duties

The Senior Operations Specialist reports directly to the Program Implementer. The Senior Operations Specialist will also be tasked with assisting the mentors and Monitoring &E advisors to meet the new requirements under the advisory assistance and training subtask and monitoring to ensure all deliverables are provided to INL in a timely manner.

Job Requirements

  • Work with all functional areas in WDC Program Management Office and Program Implementation Team (PIT) to ensure program needs and deadlines are met on a timely manner and in accordance with Customer requirement
  • Minimum five years’ experience working operations on an INL program; preferred
  • Demonstrated experience and working knowledge of the practices, procedures and principles of business accounting, auditing and budgeting; principles of mathematics and general accounting, budgeting and public finance
  • Ability to function with a team dynamic as well as individually and without much supervision as needed
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred

How To Apply

Apply online here.