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YPFP JobLink was created specifically to cater to the needs of YPFP members by offering exclusive access to career opportunities and unlocking the powerful potential of one of the world's largest networks of foreign policy professionals. Our members want opportunity; our partners want talent. YPFP JobLink is our way of serving our members, helping our partners, and fulfilling our mission to help top-caliber young professionals reach their career potential.

Office Etiquette

I recently came across a business discussion forum where a woman was seeking advice about proper etiquette for a new job in corporate office after she had spent over ten years working in healthcare....Read More»

May Career Spotlight: Peter Maki

We sat down with Peter Maki, Principal at The Clearing, a Washington D.C. based management consultancy dedicated to supporting senior leaders as they tackle the most daunting and complex problems facing our nation and their businesses.  In our interview, Mr....Read More»

Rules of the Trade

Some rules are unspoken –misunderstood and misinterpreted they are often grievously ignored.  Professional etiquette falls into this category....Read More»