Research Assistant, Prosperity Index

Job Description

The Legatum Institute is an independent and non-partisan think tank headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The organisation’s mission is to research and advocate for an expansive understanding of global prosperity comprised of both material wealth and individual well-being, with a particular focus on issues relating to individual liberty, opportunity, security and human flourishing. The Legatum Institute aspires to become a recognised global thought leader in development economics and public policy, providing useful information and analyses to policy makers, business leaders, academics and the public.

Unlike traditional think tanks, the Institute seeks to intentionally complement its academic research and writing with an active portfolio of investments in partnerships, projects, and robust advocacy. To fulfill its mission the Legatum Institute undertakes original and collaborative research, publishes case studies and ancillary literature, convenes leading thought and policy leaders and cultivates a world-class group of advisors and fellows. In 2009, the Institute’s first full year in operation, in two separate surveys it earned a mark of distinction by being voted among the UK’s top 10 most influential think tanks.

The Legatum Institute is part of the Legatum Group, a global investment organisation headquartered in Dubai with a twenty-year history allocating proprietary capital in the global markets and to programs that promote global prosperity. Other Group companies include Legatum Capital, Legatum Ventures, the Legatum Center at MIT and the Legatum Foundation.Purpose of the Role The Legatum Institute is looking for a Research Assistant (RA) who will contribute to the research, writing, production, and delivery of its flagship publication, the Legatum Prosperity Index™. The ground-breaking Prosperity Index is the world’s only global assessment of national success based on wealth and wellbeing. Now in its seventh year, the Index is at the forefront of work that seeks to include measurements of wellbeing in global assessment that goes “beyond GDP”.

Job Posting Date: June 15, 2013

Job Closing Date:  June 24, 2013

Job Responsibilities

  • Be a crucial member of the small, dedicated team behind the Prosperity Index;
  • Contribute towards creating the annual Index from start to finish;
  • Analysing data – identifying trends within and between countries;
  • Writing intelligent, interesting content based on analysis of a large data set;
  • Assisting with the launch of the Index including responding to media enquiries and preparing presentations for different audiences.

Job Qualifications

  • Strong background in economics or econometrics; outstanding research, quantitative, and statistical skills;
  • Comfortable analysing large cross-country data sets;
  • Experience in analysing and presenting data for a non-academic audience;
  • Excellent writing/editing skills;
  • Accustomed to deadlines; ability to multi-task;
  • Creative thinker with interest in economics and global public policy issues;
  • Strong communication skills, ability to synthesise key information and repackage it effectively;
  • Intelligent, inquisitive, creative, and well-organised;
  • Knowledge of wellbeing/happiness literature is desirable;
  • Resonance with Legatum’s mission and vision;

Job Requirements

  • Degree in relevant field (e.g. Economics, Econometrics, IR, International Development);
  • Must have strong academic research skills and feel comfortable engaging in both empirical and theoretical research;
  • Good knowledge of statistical and econometric methods;
  • Experience developing a quantitative research design and producing a report;
  • Ability to translate technical language for a non-technical audience;
  • High proficiency using STATA (esp. cleaning and coding data), and Excel.

A competitive remuneration package will be offered.