Intern, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, a component inthe Executive Office of the President, seeks interns in three officesfor Summer 2014.  All resumes and cover letters due by April 1, 2014.

Job Duties:

closely with national, State, local and tribal leaders, law
enforcement and substance abuse organizations to provide strategic
outreach to further the Administration's policies, priorities and
objectives in addressing drug policy.

Assist in the development of outreach materials, publications, fact
sheets and briefings for external stakeholders and the public related
to emerging drug control issues, including ONDCP's three signature
initiatives: Drugged Driving, Prevention and Prescription Drug Abuse

·  Engage state, local, national and tribal leaders and organizations
to furthering their understanding of the health concerns related to
the three signature initiatives

·  Track, review and provide analysis of legislation and regulations
at the state level pertaining to relevant topical areas such as
prescription drug monitoring and per se DUI standards

·  Help maintain user stakeholder database and assist in stakeholder

·  Communicate regularly with the leadership of states and major
cities regarding prescription drug monitoring programs, among other

OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS (OLA)  This office works to advance the
Administration's drug policy with the Congress through outreach to
Members of Congress, involvement in Congressional hearings and the
development of legislative strategies for bills and issues.

Assist the Office of Legislative Affairs by monitoring and
analyzing legislation, interacting with staffs of Members of Congress
and non-governmental organizations, preparing for hearings and
briefings on Capitol Hill, and assisting in the development of
legislative strategies.

OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS (OPA)  This office shapes ONDCP's public
message by writing speeches, talking points and other materials in
support of the Director and Deputy Director; manages ONDCP's
relationship with the press; represents ONDCP through official online
channels and maintains the office's social media presence.

·  Assist in drafting and editing public affairs materials, including
press releases, media advisories, blog posts and social media content

·  Research and build media lists

·  Assist in coordinating press and outreach events

·  Monitor media coverage and provide clips



In order to be an eligible applicant you must meet the following requirements:

· be 18 years of age or older at the time at which application is submitted;

· be a U.S. citizen;

· be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program; and

· submit a complete application.


If a student would like to utilize the Internship for college credit,
accreditation is at the discretion of the student's college or
university. The ONDCP Personnel Office will assist you in providing
appropriate information as requested by colleges or universities.
Arrangements for accreditation by any educational institute should be
made before the student begins employment.

Background Investigation and Drug Testing

If selected for placement within the Office of National Drug Control
Policy, the student will be asked to complete paperwork as part of a
standard security investigation, in order to determine access
privileges to the Executive Office of the President complex. The
paperwork requires that the student provide extensive personal
information about themselves and their family. It is important that
all information and answers to questions be truthful and comprehensive
in answering such questions. Applicants must submit to urinalysis, in
order to screen and confirm no illegal drug use. A negative drug test
result is required for appointment.

An ideal candidate would begin in May 2014 and serve with the White
House through the end of the summer; the Office is open to continuing
the internship into the Fall Semester as well.

How to Apply:

Please send cover letters and resumes, as well as any questions, to
Jacqueline Hackett by April 1, 2014.  Clearly
identify which position you are applying for (OIPL, OLA or OPA) when
submitting your materials.