About InfraGard and INCRMA: 

InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. It is an association of persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.  The InfraGard National Capital Region Members Alliance (INCRMA) is an alliance with the FBI’s Washington Field Office and individuals committed to protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure. Our chapter has the same footprint as the FBI field office with which we are aligned – Washington, DC and northern Virginia.  It is our mission to improve and extend information sharing between critical infrastructure stakeholders, in both the private and public sectors, with the government, particularly the FBI, to protect those infrastructure assets from physical and/or cyber attack.  As a result of this exchange, timely information and intelligence is delivered, investigations are initiated and/or enhanced, vital economic and national security assets are protected, and lasting relationships are formed between law enforcement and infrastructure owners/operators.

Job Description:

Work for the Board is largely remote, i.e., research or writing. We will ask you to join us for member events, which typically occur 1-2 times per month. At those events, you may help with set-up, check-in/badging, speaker and member engagement, and post-event breakdown. We will ask that you write an after-action report for inclusion in the INCRMA newsletter. Other activities may be added, including attendance at monthly Board meetings, the development of a research library for the INCRMA website, membership support, and some social media assistance (e.g., Twitter or LinkedIn).

The expectation for hours worked is 0-10 per week. (There may be several weeks when nothing occurs, and then we might have an event that requires five hours of your time.)  You would need to be available during these events so please do not apply if you cannot participate for the occasional meeting. (These are often held between 8-10am in DC, VA or MD. We understand that you likely have another job or are in school. That’s fine – and desirable. Ideally, the events are in line with what you’re doing for your employer or studying at university.) 

While no stipend is available, access to all events (which typically have entrance fees of $25 or more) will be waived.  These events will give you an opportunity to interact with business community members and federal agency officials. They’re also a chance to learn about pressing issues (e.g., cyber security, financial crime, insider threat).  Also, InfraGard membership (which includes a short background check) is required; this is free to all members, and we will expedite that process for our selected applicant(s). The position starts immediately and runs through Summer 2014. It may be extended after that time.


1-3 years of work experience •Transportation (many of the events are in the suburbs) •Availability during the work week •Ability to interact with VIPs and valued members •Solid writing and internet research skills •An interest in national and homeland security

To apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to This announcement closes when the position is filled.