Foreign Affairs/International Business Intern

Capitalize LLC is a global strategic consulting firm that specializes in business diplomacy, operations management, and advisory in post-conflict emerging markets with a prime focus on Afghanistan and the Central Asian region. Led by Ambassador Said Jawad and supported by an international team of professionals across a diversity of industries and government sectors, Capitalize provides innovative solutions for complex security, investment, and development ventures. Our services address a variety of issues regarding state governance and industrial expansion, such as political transition, social reform, tax policy, construction, and natural resource projects. We have proven consulting capabilities and an expansive geographical reach, which helps strengthen your internal infrastructure, build your network of relationships, identify and leverage new opportunities, and succeed in frontier markets. 

Position Description 

The Foreign Affairs/International Business Intern has a unique position to enhance efficiency in an international entrepreneurial environment and gain exposure to a wide spectrum of political, security and social issues. The Intern shall possess the energy and commitment to multi-task and passion to nurture and excel with a fast growing company.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Drafting memoranda, talking points, reports and editing documents, and manage correspondence and mail
  • Monitor the company website and the CEO’s personal website
  • Assist with marketing and social media outreach strategies and initiatives
  • Researching specific business opportunities and current events
  • Organize and maintain records and files

​Eligibility and Requirements 

  • Motivation and energy to multi-task and devotion to nurture and excel with a fast growing company.
  • Commitment to maintaining diplomatic protocol, discretion and
  • professionalism
  • Rising undergraduate Senior or current Masters’ student.
  • Excellent writing, research and communication skills.
  • Basic knowledge of issues related to the Middle East and Central Asia.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and basic accounting.
  • Basic knowledge of issues related to Afghanistan, the Middle East and Central Asia. 

​Application Instructions 

We are accepting on a rolling basis. Please email a one page cover letter, one page resume and one writing sample, limit two pages, to: