JobLink connects our talented community of young professionals with opportunities within the fields of international affairs, foreign policy, and national security and to prepare our members to advance their careers by developing the professional skills necessary to compete in today's global job market.

Job Board (Below) -- Our job board is the number one source for foreign policy jobs. Employers from around the world list job openings here, and is the first place to look for career opportunities for YPFP members. Our JobLink team also hosts Resume Workshops once per month, enabling members to work on their resumes with the advice of YPFP staff and external guests. You can also take advantage of Salary Negotiation Workshops, Interview Workshops and workshops for specific careers, such as the United States Foreign Service. For more information about listing opportunities on our Job Board, please contact our JobLink team.

YPFP Staff Openings -- Are you an innovative leader with passion and ability to execute new ideas? Join YPFP's leadership laboratory, where you will gain unprecedented opportunities to develop and apply your leadership and management skills with a dynamic network of bright, aspiring young foreign policy professionals. Our volunteers are responsible for YPFP's success, and see their contributions make an impact every day.


Testimonials of JobLink Services

"I recently used the YPFP Resume Bank to look for candidates for my company. We had a quick turn-around time for hiring-- so I thought the YPFP Resume Bank was the ideal place to start a search. The recruiting software was incredibly easy to use and allowed me to pull specific candidates resumes for review. We contacted several of them for interviews and may contact others in the future if more positions become available." - April D., Program Manager, Commonwealth Trading Partners, Inc.

"YPFP Job Link services have been invaluable to me as I navigate my career path in DC. I have obtained two of my three paid jobs post-graduation from postings exclusively made on the YPFP Job Board by my positions' predecessors (also YPFP members). The Resume Writing Workshop is another unique service for YPFP membership  which has provided me with invaluable expertise and advice from Foreign Policy professionals within my sector." - Eva Baker


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