International Security & Crisis Management Scenario

This exclusive event will be run from November 8-9, 2014. A participation fee of $25 dollars is required and will be collected on November 8.

Applications have been extended. New deadline at 11:59pm on October 30, 2014.


YPFP has teamed up with Stratcon LLC to offer an intensive, detailed, diplomatic, military and intelligence crisis management scenario. YPFP members will have the opportunity to flex their strategic prowess in this two day immersive exercise. Throughout the two day scenario, participants will  practice leadership, strategic communication, intelligence gathering and military planning.  YPFP members will be divided into nine teams that seek to project influence and power throughout the Middle East in a fictional, future-based scenario. The scenario will expose participants to near real-world conditions that shape the political landscape and be given the unique opportunity to practice essential skills needed to become the foreign policy leaders of the future!

How will you participate? There's a position for every skillset and background in this YPFP-Stracon joint exercise:

Participants will be divided into one of 9 countries: China, Iran, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the UK and U.S.  Individual roles will fall into one of four distinct functions: Diplomatic Officer, Economic Officer, Intelligence Officer and Military Officer. Each will have tools and responsibilities to best assist their team and allies "out-maneuver" the other teams.

Diplomatic Officer: As your team’s chief diplomat, you will coordinate and manage relations and meetings with other teams. You will act as the official go-between and lead the team’s overall strategy. You will consult with your team about political issues and potential conflict and ultimately make the final decision regarding official liaisons. You will work closely with your intelligence officer to ensure as much situational awareness as possible before, during, and after team meetings. Skills needed to excel at this position: confidence, strategic-thinking, diplomatic relations.


Economic Officer: Your chief responsibility is to obtain as many credits (scenario currency) for your team as possible. This is a crucial role as credits are one of the metrics used to determine the winning country at the end of the scenario. You are responsible for securing economic and business contracts that will make your team money and add to your treasury. You serve as the lead negotiator in sanctions discussions as they arise, working with the diplomatic officer. Skills needed to excel at this position: A strong business-oriented and analytical mind, frugality, cost/benefit reasoning.


Intelligence/Security Officer: Intelligence officers function under deep cover. Your role within the scenario will be under the guise of any one of the other roles and may change as you see fit to accomplish your individual and team objectives. You will work closely with the military and diplomatic officer to gain intelligence on other teams/ individual players, their progress, and military maneuvers. You will have assets to gain intelligence and conduct covert operations. You are solely responsible for the security and integrity of your team’s information and how/if that information is shared with your team’s allies. Skills needed to excel at this position: A curious and meticulous mind, an understanding of the value of information, active listening skills.


Military Officer: You will work closely with the diplomatic officer, intelligence officer and the military officers of your allies to plan, deploy, and acquire military assets that vary in their range, power and strategic importance. To be successful, you will work closely with your allied military officers to share military intelligence and coordinate defensive and attack maneuvers. You will use your assets as chess pieces to move around the map and maintain a level of military presence to reassure your allies and intimidate your opponents. In the event of war, the Military Officer becomes the team’s chief decision- maker in all tactical matters. Skills needed to excel at this position: a strategic and operationally-focused mind; an aggressive and fearless approach to confronting opponents, logistical planning and asset management.

About Stratcon LLC: Stratcon LLC provides tailored security education and crisis scenario seminars for collegiate, corporate and government clients. Stratcon associates and partners have a passion for education and bring a wealth of experience to the table.


November 08, 2014 at 8:30am - November 09, 2014
George Washington University
Washington, DC
United States
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