International Trade & Finance

Chair: Vacant

As the world economy increases in its complexity, it is more important than ever to understand the myriad of factors that are shaping economic ties between countries. The Trade and Finance Discussion Group will host productive discussions about a variety of topics and current events related to international economics and international business. The aim of this discussion group is to foster a community of young professionals with interest and experience in international economics, along with providing members opportunities to learn from each other and enhance their understanding of current issues. Discussion topics will largely be driven by the interest of members.

Sample Topics:

  • Is the World Trade Organization losing its relevance?
  • Dynamics of U.S-China economic relations
  • The role of trade policy and trade facilitation in developing economies
  • The future of the Euro Zone
  • Doing business with emerging markets

Membership Criteria:

  • An interest in international trade, finance, or business
  • Academic and/or professional experience in international economics
  • Knowledge of current trends and issues in international economics
  • Commitment to attend the DG’s discussions, speaker events, and social activities