International Development

Chair: David Bartholomew

International Development brings many disciplines and actors together in the resolution of complex global challenges. A development practitioner cannot, for instance, execute a plan for waste-water management in India without at once being familiar with urban planning, local custom, and legal procedure. At the same time, larger institutions implementing development agendas, from individual countries to multilateral entities must coordinate their efforts across borders, financial institutions, and stakeholders.

Within this complex system of actors, scales, and goals, the International Development Discussion Group seeks to build a deeper understanding of the field for the purpose of fostering sustainable, positive changes in the lives of people around the world. This will be accomplished through the examination of diverse topics and through conversations with industry leaders, practitioners, and experts. 

In fostering constructive dialogue among future International Development leaders, this discussion group complements YPFP’s overarching mission. If you seek to share knowledge with your peers by engaging in critical discourse, for the  purpose of increasing the general--global--welfare, we welcome you to apply.

Sample Topics:

  • Gender and International development
  • Differences in field implementation and development project planning
  • Bottom-of-the-pyramid economics
  • Micro______(finance, loans, et cetera)
  • The role of China in International development
  • International development as foreign policy
  • Mobile technology and ICT in International Development
  • Various regional topics (Western aid in Africa, Structural adjustment in Latin America & the “Lost Decade,” etc.)
  • Further topics to be determined based on member interests and expertise!

Membership Criteria:

  • Non-member guests are welcome to participate in the group with advance notice, and provided there is enough space to accommodate them
  • Willingness to commit to at least 8 out of 12 monthly meetings
  • Critical thinker, willing to actively contribute thoughtful arguments to discussions and debates
  • Able to demonstrate a relationship between professional/personal interests in international development (but educational background and professional expertise in the topic is not required)
  • Dues-paying membership with YPFP