Ian Armstrong, Geostrategy & Diplomacy Fellow

Ian Armstrong is the Geostrategy & Diplomacy Fellow at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). Ian is a defense and foreign policy analyst that has served as a consultant to governments, intergovernmental organizations, and international corporations. His research explores the competing diplomatic and military considerations behind a variety of international issues, such as nuclear nonproliferation, climate change, and missile defense. He is currently Commissioning Editor and Senior Analyst at Global Risk Insights, an online publication offering geopolitical risk analysis. Ian also serves as a Simulation Supervisor and Researcher at Wikistrat, the world's first crowd-sourced consultancy. His previous work has been published at The Huffington Post and Foreign Policy Association, while his analysis has been featured in at major outlets such as CBS News, RealClearEnergy, and The China Times.

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