Human Rights

Chairs: Henrietta Levin & Theresa Forbes

The Human Rights DG seeks to provide a forum for discussing and analyzing human rights challenges in the developed and developing world, with the purpose of better understanding these abuses and generating innovative strategies to overcome them. We will focus on conflict rights, multilateral options, global social norms, and human rights advocacy strategies, while building on group discussions through blog posts, op-eds, and policy documents.

Discussion Topics

The Human Rights DG will discuss threats to social, political, and civil rights around the world, including issues that are still unfolding, such as the denigration of human rights in Iraq and Syria and Beijing's crackdown on assembly rights in Hong Kong, as well as chronic problems such as LGBT issues in Africa and European abuses against immigrants. While specific discussion topics will be tailored to members' interests and expertise, below are several broad themes that will be tackled by the Human Rights DG:

  • Crimes against humanity
  • Use of torture and indefinite detention
  • Use of the death penalty
  • Indigenous, migrant and refugee rights
  • Multilateral approaches to human rights solutions
  • Corporate governance of human rights in the developing world
  • Gender rights
  • Religious and cultural rights
  • Divergent cultural interpretations of human rights
  • The role of human rights in economic and political negotiations

Membership Criteria

Human Rights DG members should be working or studying within the aforementioned topics, or else have a demonstratable interest in the field of human rights. Members should be prepared to contribute to group discussions and projects in a meaningful fashion. Attendance at a minimum of 8 of every 12 meetings is required, while group members are encouraged to contribute to Human Rights DG blog posts, policy documents, and op-eds. All DG members must be YPFP members, but non-members are free to test out a discussion prior to applying for membership.