Grand Strategy

Chair: Michael Tint

The U.S. Grand Strategy Discussion Group is a roundtable meeting of professionals interested in the big picture and long view of U.S. strategic thought. Drawing on theories of international relations, participants will explore and debate prevailing traditions and values of American strategy. Topics include long-term American security goals, the strategies that purport to achieve them, and the foreign policies that result. Guest speakers will include prominent thinkers in U.S. strategy and policy makers responsible for translating grand concepts into practical decisions.

Sample Topics:

  • "U.S. Grand Strategy and International Crime"
  • "Budget Priorities of U.S. Grand Strategy"
  • "Public Perceptions of U.S. Grand Strategy"
  • "A U.S. Strategic Narrative"
  • "U.S. Energy Strategy"
  • "How Does Grand Strategy Drive Our Approach to Current Events in Libya and the Middle East?"
  • "U.S. Grand Strategy to Global Economic Integration in the Age of Austerity"
  • "U.S. Grand Strategy and Civil Unrest (Foreign and Domestic)"

Membership Criteria:

  • The Grand Strategy discussion group's members come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds. Members don't have to work in grand strategy professionally or have specific academic experience in grand strategy.
  • Any good strategy needs different viewpoints, and the Grand Strategy discussion group seeks diverse experiences and sectors represented in the group.
  • Potential members need to demonstrate professional or academic interest in international issues, a willingness to listen to other perspectives, and a sense of humor.