Global Membership Information

Don’t see a YPFP Branch or Hub in your city? Then Global Membership is the perfect fit for you!

Becoming a Global Member gives you access to all of the amazing resources YPFP has to offer.


Benefits of Becoming a Global Member

A Global Network

  • Access to a network of over 10,000 future foreign policy leaders around the globe.
  • Access to events via Adobe Connect on critical global issues and career development in foreign policy with senior government officials, ambassadors, private sector executives, and other foreign policy leaders.

Interactive, Virtual Organization

  • Opportunity to submit blog posts and other content to YPFP's Charged Affairs journal.
  • Access to articles published by our members, a top job board, and calendar of foreign policy events around the world.

Career Development

  • Tools of the Trade programming coaches members on tangible concrete skills and knowledge they can use to become more effective leaders.
  • JobLink programming offers members informational sessions on career paths, graduate schools and more.


Unique Access and Discounts

All branches:

  • Diplomatic Courier (50% off subscription)
  • Foreign Affairs (50% off subscription)
  • Foreign Policy (40% off subscription)
  • American University's Online Master's in International Relations ($5,000 scholarship)
  • Lingua Diversa Group (15% discount on languge courses)
  • Onida Admissions Consulting (15% discount)
  • The Princeton Review (15% off test prep services)
  • Stratfor Gepolitical Intelligence Reports (63% off subscription)
  • World Policy Journal (35% off subscription)
  • World Politics Review (40% off and a four-month free trial)
  • Zipcar discount (savings of $60 when joining, plus discounted driving rates)
  • New Europe (45% off annual subscription)
  • Peer editing help on resumes, cover letters, admissions essays, and more from PeerInk.com (25% Discount)

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