Global Leaders

The Global Leaders (GL) program is an invitation-only YPFP membership tier offering access to a trusted network of exceptional foreign policy professionals dedicated to helping each other achieve long-term professional growth. The exclusive structure targets leaders with a track record of success and impact.

Members have considerable experience in a variety of areas germane to international affairs, including but not limited to: government agencies and executive departments, military, corporations, non-profits, non-government organizations, private sector, and media. Global Leaders also represent a variety of ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities. All are collectively dedicated to supporting one another professionally and responding to requests for assistance or guidance on challenging issues. Our members are dynamic leaders who can strike up a conversation on nearly any topic and who have well-informed viewpoints and seasoned experience. They can even offer potentially viable solutions to age-old problems. Global Leaders are non-argumentative, but ready to engage in thoughtful conversation.

Global Leaders also serve as mentors and advisors for Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. We aim to create a space where one gives a little to get a lot, and our Global Leaders are a quintessential piece to this mantra through their commitment, support and encouragement of fellow Global Leaders and other YPFP members.