Global Health

Discussion Group Chair: Lisa Wagner

The YPFP Global Health Discussion Group examines many themes in the realm of health around the world and how they relate to foreign policy. The goal of the group is to each month bring together young professionals who can add to a meaningful discussion on current events and trends that fall under the umbrella of global health (i.e. new reforms in critical policies and strategies, health-related events that call for international attention, developments emerging within the global health arena, region-specific health issues). These meetings are often initiated with either a focus on a particular event from recent news or from literature shared before the meeting. This discussion group allows members to share their knowledge and gain insights into the many areas of global health.

Sample Topics: 

  • Global health as a bridge to security
  • Decentralization of health systems in low to middle income countries
  • New malaria initiatives of international organizations within Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Public health gains in post-earthquake Haiti
  • Analysis of PEPFAR’s global efforts

Membership Criteria:

  • Current or previous experience working in global health or strong educational background in global health
  • Willingness to attend monthly meetings
  • Willingness to take on additional responsibilities such as contributing to the YPFP blog or helping organize future global health related YPFP events
  • Ability to engage in a civil manner with others who hold differing viewpoints
  • Hold a positive attitude and be ready to share and learn