Global Communication

Discussion Group Chair: Christian Lowry

The YPFP Global Communication Discussion Group explores the evolving and expanding field of public diplomacy -- beyond (but including) traditional diplomacy, the practice has evolved to encompass a wide range of industries, skills, and individuals. We will often invite guest speakers to join us for roundtable discussions on particular topics and areas of interest. The group actively recruits current YPFP members with a command of communications, marketing, strategy, and technology coupled with academic and/or professional exposure to the principles of diplomacy and international relations. Members will be expected to attend and contribute to discussions during monthly meetings around the DC area.

Membership Criteria:

  • Thoughtful, provocative group from a variety of "public diplomacy" sectors: international business/marketing, State Dept, foreign governments, graduate students, journalists
  • Young professionals and graduate students with some demonstrated expertise in public diplomacy or international communications
  • Able to attend monthly meetings around the DC area, taking turns at members' apartments or homes;
  • Able to occasionally participate in virtual activity between meetings (a group blog or email conversations