Global Ambassadors Program - FAQ

After viewing the list of established Hubs on our website, you may find that there is no YPFP presence in your city. This is where we need your help! YPFP and its Global Presence Initiative are looking to expand YPFP’s footprint across the globe.

If you are interested in bringing YPFP to your city, join YPFP’s Ambassador Program.

Interested in becoming a YPFP Ambassador?

Complete the YPFP Ambassador application.


NOTE: Due to recent changes in our staff, we not currently launching any new YPFP hubs. We encourage you to complete the YPFP Ambassador application, and someone from our staff will be in touch when we are able to fully support the development of YPFP hubs in global cities.


What is YPFP’s Ambassador Program?


The Ambassador Program was created to give entrepreneurial Global Members the ability to host YPFP events in their home city.

The main objectives of these events are to spread the word about YPFP, highlight the benefits of becoming a YPFP Global Member, and create stimulating conversations about important topics in foreign affairs. ​Once the first event is done, you can decide whether or not you want to continue having events, and potentially grow into a YPFP Hub. 

What is the difference between the Ambassadors Program and a YPFP Hub?


The first few events in a new YPFP location are typically organized by the Ambassador. These events are often more intimate and specific. Attendees of these first several events do not need to be Global Members of YPFP. The average amount of time it takes for an Ambassador to put on this first event is three months.

As your comfort hosting events as a new Ambassador grows, YPFP’s Global Operations department may offer you the opportunity to develop your contacts and resources into a YPFP Hub.

A YPFP Hub is defined by the Ambassador’s ability to provide frequent events that contribute to the career development of local members.. Events hosted by a Hub are often more complex and have a significant number of members in attendance. Often times these events will host influential people to speak about important topics in foreign affairs. Developing a Hub also requires the Ambassador to assemble a team of local volunteers who will assist the Hub in providing member benefits. Examples of some YPFP Hubs include Rome, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco

Who will help me organizing the event and what happens once the event is done?


The Global Operations team in Washington, DC will act as advisors in organizing your event; however you​, as an Ambassador, will ultimately be responsible for organizing and executing your event. You have a lot of independence on the topics and schedule of events. Just keep us in the loop, and the DC staff will support you along the way.

The Global Operations to team is there to answer any questions and help provide you with needed resources and legitimacy. After your event is organized, it will be your responsibility to follow up with your attendees to see how the event was received. YPFP asks that you write a summary of the event and provide us with pictures so we can display your success on the YPFP's many channels. 

Do I need to have a speaker for my first event?


No. You can have any format you would like for your first event.

Many first Ambassador Program events are informal discussion groups. 

Will I be paid?


Unfortunately, we cannot provide monetary payment for Ambassadors.

YPFP's staff around the world is all volunteer, and we look forward to your joining our global team!

Do you have any advice for planning my first event?


Our biggest recommendation is to start small. While planning a large and detailed event is very exciting, we recognize that it can be challenging for new Ambassadors to get the ball rolling.

Some examples of successful small events include: discussion groups on important foreign policy issues facing your country, showing of a foreign policy related movie, and hosting a panel or debate. Feel free to work off of connections you may have through your university or other organizations.

Once you have the first event down, planning and organizing your next event will be a little easier as you will have more experience and notoriety.