Gender in Foreign Policy

Chair: Gabrielle Gould

Women play a crucial role in economic development, human rights, and political movements. As political and social revolutions have been unfolding in rapid succession, now is the best time to grasp an understanding of these roles and the challenges that women face. The aim of the Gender in Foreign Policy discussion group is to enrich the knowledge base of YPFP members with an interest and passion for women’s rights and gender issues. The group meets once a month to discuss the role and status of women in the context of foreign policy, history, and current global events.

Sample Topics:

  • Women in armed conflicts, genocides, ethnic cleansing, and mass atrocities
  • Women and state-building
  • Education for girls
  • Women’s political participation & empowerment
  • Women in the economy and workforce
  • Gender-based violence
  • Sex trafficking
  • Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
  • Child marriage
  • LGBT rights

Membership Criteria:

  • An interest in women’s human rights and gender issues. No background or prior knowledge is required—just a thirst for knowledge and an opened mind.
  • Be prepared to talk and voice your opinions, no matter how provocative they might be as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner.
  • We are looking for a diverse group that represents the private, government, and nonprofit sectors.
  • Committed to being an active and regular contributor to the group. The group meets once a month.
  • Willing to take on additional responsibilities such as helping to plan discussions, and events, and procuring guest speakers.
  • A positive attitude, sense of humor, and desire to meet others who are interested in promoting gender equality.